Why Choose Granite

Granite is a hard-wearing, beautiful, easy-to-clean and 100% natural work surface. It makes the ultimate statement in kitchen design and lifestyle and is the most durable. An island or breakfast bar adds a finishing touch, which transform to that luxury look. Nothing lasts longer and looks better in your home.


What Granite Means

In commercial terms the word "granite" refers to a variety of different stone types, Granite is formed deep underground from volcanic magma cooling slowly over millions of years. Granite is what is left when a volcano dies, and the magma chamber underneath solidifies. Forged from tremendous heat and pressure, it provides the ultimate work surface material.

Scientifically, granite refers to a specific type of rock, an intrusive igneous rock, consisting predominantely of three minerals - Quartz, Mica and Feldspar. It is the different combinations, colours and grain sizes of these constituents that give each type of stone it's unique colours and patterns. Typical granites are light in colour with "grain" sizes (each grain is a tiny crystal, and together they grow into a hard interlocked mass) of 1-5 mm.